13 Nov

Sampson and Bubbles

Meet Sampson the Strong Man and Bubbles the Stripper!

6 Nov

Good Old Days 15

A wedding that made the front page of the local paper in 1946 - my parents.

30 Oct

Good Old Days 16

Did your childhood come with a soundtrack?

23 Oct

Good Old Days 13

Has Christmas changed since the Good Old Days? You betcha!

16 Oct

Good Old Days 12

Remember when milk came in bottles, bread was delivered and there were things called chequebooks?

9 Oct

Good Old Days 11

Did your mother knit, crochet, darn, reverse shirt collars and have a button box?

2 Oct

Good Old Days 10

Do you remember the Good Old Days when smoking was good for you?

25 Sep

Good Old Days 09

When you were a kid, did you have a rifle in the hall cupboard with the tennis racquets?

18 Sep

Good Old Days 08

Do you remember a thing called lay-by?

11 Sep

Good Old Days 07

Remember butcher shops with sawdust on the floor and barbers who could give you a Hollywood style?

4 Sep

Good Old Days 06

Today we turn back time to the days when we got our time from watches and clocks!

28 Aug

Good Old Days 05

The Good Old Days before frozen chickens and KFC when we had a chook run down the back garden.

21 Aug

Good Old Days 04

Remember the good old days when phones didn't fit in your pocket?

14 Aug

Good Old Days 03

Remember the days when cameras had film and the photos came back from the chemist?

7 Aug

Good Old Days 02

Today, the royal visit in 1954 when my father met Queen Elizabeth.

31 Jul

Good Old Days 01

Remember when everyone had a Commonwealth Bank moneybox?


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