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I grew up in the terrific little NSW town of Gundagai. My secondary education was at a boarding school in Sydney. I ended up at the University of NSW where a Bachelor of Arts degree was leading me to becoming a teacher of English and History. Then I sold a television script.

That TV show was a situation comedy called Kingswood Country and it led to me writing on a number of TV shows, oodles of radio comedies and publishing a magazine for kids.

After a couple of decades scribbling, the family and I relocated to Vanuatu for a few years. While in Port Vila I was Executive Producer for an internet travel agency, Travel Online, and I wrote a travel book about Australia, The Small Guide to a Big Country.

On return to Australia, I set up my own online travel agency, specialising in arranging weddings and honeymoons in the South Pacific. All was going swimmingly until the MS diagnosis and I was eventually forced to close the business. After a few years consulting to resorts in Vanuatu, I returned to creative writing in 2020 and that led to this wee project, MSing About.

For a complete biography, here is a link to my personal website.


This Project

Now… a bit about this project! I want people to be part of it and interact. That’s why the comments panel is there – so you can write as well as listen, watch and read!

Here’s the first aim… to officially launch the site on July 31 and have something new every day until Christmas. That’s the first 20 weeks of MSing About!

There will be short videos on the MSing About YouTube channel, also posted here. There will be one a day, Monday to Friday. Saturday will see another, slightly longer video – could be about MS, could be a short film, could be an interview. We’ll see.

Sundays will see a new 20-minute podcast go live. I do that one with my sidekick, Katrina Christensen. While officially it is a podcast about nothing, we have a lot of fun finding something in those nothings!

We also have a dabble on TikTok and have a Facebook page where you can drop in and have a play.

There will also be a daily blog and occasionally in the Comments section, you will find a Dad Joke that may result in a smile or a groan.

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