11 Oct

Brush With Fame 11

A valid, if somewhat embarrassing brush with Michelle Pfeiffer.

10 Oct

Slide Night 11

Graveline Tours in Hollywood - cruising around in a hearse to check out where the dead and famous checked out.

9 Oct

Good Old Days 11

Did your mother knit, crochet, darn, reverse shirt collars and have a button box?

8 Oct

We’re the Voice

With less than a week to the referendum, Katrina and Ian chat about The Voice.

7 Oct

Katch Ups With Kat 07

From a pox doctor's clerk to widow strangling, it is a lively chat.

6 Oct

My Australia 10

A trip to Geelong to see some wonderful old bollards.

5 Oct

Got A Minute 10

A little Bible reading that's not great news for people like me with MS.

4 Oct

Brush With Fame 10

This is a brush with old Aussie rocker Col Joye.

3 Oct

Slide Night 10

Westminster Abbey. Poet’s Corner, wall-to-wall dead Kings and Queens and the delightful Cellarium Café

2 Oct

Good Old Days 10

Do you remember the Good Old Days when smoking was good for you?

1 Oct

Eggs in One Basket

What a crack-up! Somehow Katrina, Ian and Dave get 20 minutes out of eggs.

30 Sep

Katch Ups With Kat 06

Is Gone with the Wind the greatest movie ever made, or should it be banned?

29 Sep

My Australia 09

What do my parents, Captain Moonlite and his male lover have in common? They're all in the North Gundagai cemetery.

28 Sep

Got A Minute 09

Got a minute for an old Bible, a missionary and a sea cucumber?

27 Sep

Brush With Fame 09

A police raid with the Prince of Punters, Perce Galea.

26 Sep

Slide Night 09

Hooning about on the Greek island of Santorini. Mistake.

25 Sep

Good Old Days 09

When you were a kid, did you have a rifle in the hall cupboard with the tennis racquets?

24 Sep

Can I Show You Out, Sir?

Can you have fun talking about death and dying? Of course you can!

23 Sep

Katch Ups With Kat 05

Today’s Katch-up with Kat is a random chat about haiku poetry, Ian's first paid writing gig, nicknames and a Dad-joke!

22 Sep

My Australia 08

Why am I not a fan of Australia's most popular tourist spot, the Gold Coast?


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