31 Oct

Slide Night 15

New Zealand's North Island for a soft-adventure family holiday!

30 Oct

Good Old Days 16

Did your childhood come with a soundtrack?

29 Oct

Unhappy Campers

Most Aussies and Kiwis love the idea of camping out, as do we, but sometimes...

28 Oct

Katch Ups With Kat 10

Ian came to the chat expecting it to be about his pet dogs and cats but the conversation took a sideways tangent.

27 Oct

My Australia 13

Halfway between Mount Gambier and Naracoorte in South Australia, there's a terrific little town called Penola.

26 Oct

Got A Minute 13

Got a Minute to recall sayings like the Wild Man from Borneo and a wigwam for a goose’s bridal?

25 Oct

Brush With Fame 13

A couple of brushes with entrepreneur and adventurer, Dick Smith.

24 Oct

Slide Night 13

To Bangkok for Pad Thai, Pythons and Ping-Pong balls!

23 Oct

Good Old Days 13

Has Christmas changed since the Good Old Days? You betcha!

22 Oct

Brush with Fame

Join us to play a game called Brush with Fame!

21 Oct

Katch Ups With Kat 09

Today's Katch-up with Kat is about Norma-Jean Baker, a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe.

20 Oct

My Australia 12

Quick quiz, do you know which two places in Australia recently had a name change to K’Gari and Beowa?

19 Oct

Got A Minute 12

Why are Australians, culturally and historically, unable to talk about the one fact of life that will escape none of us, death?

18 Oct

Brush With Fame 12

A brush with former Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke.

17 Oct

Slide Night 12

The South coast of Cornwall and the delightful fishing town of Fowey.

16 Oct

Good Old Days 12

Remember when milk came in bottles, bread was delivered and there were things called chequebooks?

15 Oct

Annnnnd Action!!!

What’s your favourite sitcom of all time? And is the world ready for a new sitcom starring an aging bald man in a wheelchair?!

14 Oct

Katch Ups With Kat 08

Katrina and Ian invent a whole heap of banter to bant about great Aussie inventions!

13 Oct

My Australia 11

The curious tale of Convict Cripps.

12 Oct

Got A Minute 11

Hmm...Now, what could a hole-in-one at golf and oral sex have in common?


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