9 Nov

Got A Minute 14

A waste of time attending wedding expos!

2 Nov

Got A Minute 15

Today I am reviewing a movie that is 100 years old - and I give it five stars!

26 Oct

Got A Minute 13

Got a Minute to recall sayings like the Wild Man from Borneo and a wigwam for a goose’s bridal?

19 Oct

Got A Minute 12

Why are Australians, culturally and historically, unable to talk about the one fact of life that will escape none of us, death?

12 Oct

Got A Minute 11

Hmm...Now, what could a hole-in-one at golf and oral sex have in common?

5 Oct

Got A Minute 10

A little Bible reading that's not great news for people like me with MS.

28 Sep

Got A Minute 09

Got a minute for an old Bible, a missionary and a sea cucumber?

21 Sep

Got A Minute 08

Got a minute to hear how I beat Rod Laver at tennis?

14 Sep

Got A Minute 07

Got a minute? Well, I've got a fool-proof get-rich-quick scheme!

7 Sep

Got A Minute 06

Today, a few inventions I had that didn't exactly take off...

31 Aug

Got A Minute 05

Today, the first documented case of MS, St Lidwina, the Patron Saint of Ice Skaters.

24 Aug

Got A Minute 04

The Hollywood Hays Code didn't allow kissing for longer than three seconds!

17 Aug

Got A Minute 03

Today, the best award acceptance speech ever! If only the Oscars and Logies could learn from this...

11 Aug

My Australia 02

Are we allowed to visit a brothel during the day? Of course we can!

3 Aug

Got A Minute 01

The 1939 Best Picture, shot in colour, that also has an issue with colour.


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